Regan Thomas Steele – A fallen brother.




“Many people walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave foot prints in your heart..” – Eleanor Roosevelt 


I want to tell you about my dear old friend Regan Thomas Steele. Regan was battling with bipolar when it sadly got the better of him. This condition beat one of the strongest guys I have ever known. I can’t imaging the pain he would have gone through in the past three months, all I can say I’m glad you don’t have to suffer further.. 


I have known Regan since the age that I can only describe as ‘before its weird for two boys to have a bath together..’ And since that time he has been one of my best and closest mates. 


Some of my fondest memories in Bright (where our families went every year) cruising around on our bikes exploring with our new found freedom. I have tried to remember what we filled our hours with and I’m fairly sure we just road around aimlessly seeing who could do the biggest wheelie or get the fastest speed on our newly installed speedos! We had so much fun together! We were obsessed with this little shop called ‘Country Collectables’  that 85% of the things for sale are far too expensive for two young boys! 


In our younger days we thought were quite the paper plane engineers after one of our grandmother gifted us a book on how too fold all kinds of crazy planes. Now I stuck to the ‘Dart’ style plane the flew straight and rarely goes on the roof. While Regan loved this other type that did crazy loop to loops.. always went on the roof.. Now he tried on numerous occasions to teach me how to fold these.. I could never get it.. We used to sit there folding them, then modifying them by ripping the paper to make flaps.. Experimenting seeing what weights did what, hours of entertainment!


Around the same time we had grown a liking to sitting in the Tonys AU Falcon after church and listing to Tony’s CD of one hit wonders a particular fav of ours was ‘I think I’m turning Japanese’. This then progressing into the phase of them MP3 player and sharing music ‘good music, every week we would exchange songs show each other new thing and effectively influenced the music we listened too for the following 5-6 years. 


Then he got his first phone before me, the old Nokia 3310 which spent more time being used for snake than it did for phone calls! The following year I got my first phone (Colour screen) which sadly didn’t have the original snake but snake 2 which was never as good… I was very disappointed 😦


In older years the stories just get embarrassing, mostly for me..


Like the night we when we learnt just how far a VT Commodore bumper goes. When you bumping to a small unsuspecting pole.. Turns out if you get the sweet spot they fly 😛 

Or the dodgiest stereo install in the red commodore on the street of Taylor’s Rd. I was held in by the pressure of the folded bits of paper..


All through out my child hood I looked up to Regan, when I was younger you were like that older brother I just wanted to be like, he had wheelie shoes, I wanted wheelie shoes.. I look back on all of my fondest memories of Bright and you are always there, the years you weren’t there just wasn’t the same..


I remember one of my favourite nights out. We went to the Bright Pub with Beau O’brian and you guys actually sung ‘Call me maybe?’! Well that was just the start of the night of bad singing, hitting on girls who turned out batted for e other team. But my favourite part was the walk home from the pub. We rearrange some poor old ladies Garden gnomes.. shortly followed by a dare to see if I could jump over a picket fence.. Yeah, I couldn’t and ended with Regs rolling around with fits of laughter and me waking up with a massive gash in the back of my leg (still have a scar too prove it).


Though your life was short lived, I can safely say looking back on the years we spent together, my life would not have been the same without you in it. You were there when I had girl trouble, or I was angry with my parents or having serous school issues. If it wasn’t just an ear to talk to it helpful advice or a distraction. I always looked forward to Saturdays after a long week at school when I got to hang out with you! You my friend were everything I could have asked for and so much more..


I am utterly devastated that you won’t be at my 21st to share stories of all the stupid things we’ve done or be my best man or Uncle Regan to my kids.. But I hope they are as lucky as I have been to have had such a inspiring mate to grow up with.. I already miss you brother, thank you for everything, I am forever indebted  to you and I look forward to the day when we meet again and I can see the infectious smile and a big strong hug that only you can give. Until then rest easy brother. Gone but never forgotten. The older brother from another mother. 


Snow trip 2012




About 3-4 months ago I embarked on a holiday to sunny Perth to visit a close friend who had move around a year earlier. Long story short, I fell in love with the city, the relaxed vibe and the business opportunities for me. Being the time of my life where I can make a huge decision and not look back I bought a one way ticket for the 10th of April.

The lead up  to April 10th was interesting, mixed emotions, days where it couldn’t come sooner and days where I wasn’t sure I was making the right call! I had my photo booth in Melbourne running smoothly and someone ready to take it out for me in my absence!


With the whole photography thing not really working for me, issues of not being able to be productive, a fresh heart break and uncertain what I wanted todo for the rest of my life I went over in search of widening my tool belt, a full time job in the print industry with my photo booth as a weekend thing.

I can tell you now, I miss my old free lancing/no money life. I was just lost and needed to take a step back and look at the whole picture. I needed to get my head straight and this move has done that perfectly for me.

The first few weeks I loved it, didn’t think I would leave! took maybe 3 weeks before the home sickness set in, a week off on a road trip with a close friend to realise what I needed todo for myself, my career and how I was going to make my mark on the world.

I this week of road tripping and really the weekend before where I was doing some photos of my cousin for her formal, I found my self enjoying photography again.. this had disappeared and was what was missing from the picture.

Lauren before her formal

Lauren before her formal

Lauren before her formal

Lauren before her formal

So after a lot of thought, a break from photography and slowly easing back into it I have found a rhythm that is working for me, I have goals and an always changing plan on what the next year or so, and this picture excites me.

Seán xo

Trains in the night

Bridie 9 Months

I was posed the question the other day “If you ever took one photo, one photo you would hang on your wall and be proud of it, what would it be?” and it really hit me the amazing boy that asked while in our Banyule 100 photo shoot was dyslexic. This question was powerful yet so simple I knew exactly what photo that was, it was one of the photos that pushed me over the edge of hobbist and made me further determined to make a career and one day turn Pro in this beautiful craft, photography.

I ask the same question to anyone who is in the Creative industry, breaking in or even just in LOVE with art. Is there one piece that when you see it you get goose bumps and say ‘Sh*t, did I create that?’ and instantly smile. This is what happens to me.

I don’t know about you guys but when I find an image like this I keep looking back at it, I often set it as my computer background, it’s there pushing me until the next photo comes.

If you can think of some work that you have the same feeling our can answer my friend Lucas’ question please post a link in the comments or please email me @ would love to see what inspires you.

If you’re wondering why this is titled, ‘Trains in the night’ it is because of a conversation that started with this quote.

‘Love the train whistles in the night. They remind me that while you sleep tucked up warm in bed, the big wide world is still out there waiting for you.’

It got the creative juices flowing and inspired me.

Check out her stuff  its amazing –

Seán Porter.

Introducing, Banyule 100 – a snapshot of y(our) developing future.

So over the past few months I have been working with the Banyule City Council’s Youth Participation network on new project aimed at uncovering outstanding young people doing something noteworthy in the community. More or less sticking it to the generalization of Gen Y the lazy Generation.

So the project forum is that there will be a portrait made of the people followed by a written tribute explaining what these people have done and who they might have helped.

We plan to unveil this project at a range of Banyule events but the ultimate goal being for Youth Week 2011.

Also 2011 is the UN sanctioned Year of the youth. I ask if you know someone in the community who would be suitable for the Banyule 100 that you email tell me a short description.

The Banule 100 can be found in the following locations:

Please help spread the word become a fan tell your friends! Please, we are 100% Youth Driven!